Welcome to St. Lucy Kalimani secondary school. This is a public mixed day secondary that serves the local community around Kalimani. The school is in its infancy having had the first form four students in 2010. The school population is currently 52 students;



Form 1 - 15 students, 2 boys and 13 girls

Form 2: 9 students, 4 boys and 5 girls

Form 3: 22 students, 9 boys 13 girls

Form 4: 6 students, 1 boy, 5 girls

The school lacks basic learning facilities such as laboratory and library. Other infrastructure required include administration block, kitchen and a dining hall which can also serve as meeting hall.

 Last financial (2010/2011) year the Makueni county council built 2 classrooms, however the classes are not yet complete though they are being used. The remaining work include completion of the floor and plastering the walls.


The CDF classes are ongoing though slowly. The walling is in progress.

The funds raised during Harambee last year (2011) in August were used to complete one classroom which is currently being used as the staffroom and renovating old class by putting new floors, windows with panes and doors.






There is ongoing construction of two classes funded by County council of Makueni. The school needs the following projects

Laboratory and equipment

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About the School

About St. Lucy Kalimani

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